How Often Should I engage on Social Media - Consistency is Key

I don't know how many times I have heard people say that social media doesn't work for them.  But I always ask them if they have consistently posted good content that is relevant to their clients or customers.   Often they haven't been consistently doing this.   

You can use a scheduler for your posts and set aside time on a Sunday evening to do this for the week ahead.  Or even a half an hour a day to post on all your platforms will yield better results rather than posting sporadically.   I use Tweetdeck for Twitter scheduling. 

Being consistent on social media works best when we come up with a strategy for what it is we want to talk about.  When we are consistent both with our message and what we post then we are likely to get better engagement.  Posting once or twice a week on social media and not engaging with anyone or not being there if anyone gets back to us is not really being interactive.   

Social media is about being social so being consistent with our message and being consistent with how we interact will bring results. 

It doesn't mean you have to be on social all the time but knowing what you want to say and being consistent with this message and checking in to engage with those who either interact with you or who you aspire to be your clients is a better strategy. 

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