Is IrishHealthHour just Twitter .. I Don't Have a Twitter Account?

No, its so much more!!  When I started this community it was all about Twitter but it has become so much more over the years.   

There are a lot of advantages for being on the Twitter platform, if your ideal clients or customers are there of course.  I have a comprehensive Twitter Course which is in two parts; Video 1  helps you find your WHY, build your ideal client picture or Avator and then video 2 takes you to Twitter to transfer this knowledge to find and network with your ideal clients and customers.   There is also an eBook. 

How do you know where your ideal clients are?   You really do need to know where your clients and customers are.   Check out this handy tip guide.  

There are many advantages of being on Twitter.

What else has IrishHealthHour got to offer you?

* Listing on our global website. 

* If you are on Twitter chance to be guest on the hashtag hour with a week's promotion in advance across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

* You become an admin of our Facebook page and can post here when you want (within reason of course, nobody likes spam!). 

* Submit blog articles to our global blog section, we get blog submissions from all over the world. 

* Have a chance to have a video interview done for #irishhealthhourchats

* You can promote or products on the website.  

I also offer Clarity Masterclasses where we start with YOUR story and find the ideal story which you have inside of you as to why you do what you do.   When we know this story and write our content from this place we not only find our ideal clients and customers but we also save time and before more efficient with our marketing.