How Do I Know Where My Ideal Clients & Customers Are?

If you are in business you do well to know where your clients and customers are.   Social medial of course is one of the tools we use to find our clients and customers and network with them where they are. 

Here are some ways to find your ideal clients and customers.

* Ask them when they come to you where they found you! 

* If you have a mailing list you could do a survey on a platform such as Survey Monkey 

* If you are on social medial platforms check out their analytics.  All of the main social media platforms have excellent analytics.  You can check and see what content you share people actually like and read so you begin to see a picture of what they want.   When you know this you can give them more!

The analytics that Twitter give offer you a huge potential to really understand what your followers want.   I go through these analytics in my 2 part Video series on Getting Twitter Savvy to Find Your Ideal Clients.  

* Google Analytics.  Google offer comprehensive data free of charge.  You can really begin to understand more about your customer's behaviour by reading the data. 

* If you are doing Facebook Adverts and have a pixel on your website, you will also see, based on whether you are doing ads for conversion or brand awareness, what your clients are looking at and how long they are spending on your site. 

There are so many ways to build up a picture of what your clients and customers are doing, where they are, what they like and how they behave when they come to your website. 

Checking your analytics and ensuring you are giving your clients and customers the content they want will help you grow your business and retain your existing clients.