How to Create Content that Stands Out

Creating content takes time.  From deciding on what to focus on, to checking analytics to see where our content is performing better and then editing and creating graphics.    

One of the biggest things of course to get right is producing content that stands out from the crowd.   If you create posts that get little or no traction how do you change that?

The first thing is to know why you are creating this particular piece of content and who are you directing it to? 

This really does matter, content for content sake is a waste of your valuable time.   

Here is a tip for creating content that stands out

(I didn't invent it and am pretty sure you have heard it before but it's worth repeating). 

"Write content that your customer wants NOT content that you think your customer wants".  

When you write content that comes from both the left and right hemisphere of your brain you are being focused and intelligent but you are also being emotive.   

When I buy something or connect with someone I do so because I like the sound of something or what someone is telling me and most especially when I know its from the heart.  

AND here is another thing I am pretty sure about .. so do most people. 

Create your content in a focused, intelligent and most especially in an emotive fashion and you will reap the benefits. 

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