How To Take Part in a Twitter Chat

Twitter Chats are a great way to network on line.

There are many focused twitter chats which deal with a particular area like start ups, those in the wedding industry or those wishing to share knowledge about social media.

When you go onto a hashtag hour make sure you use the hashtag for that particular hour e.g. mine is #irishhealthhour. Often times the hour will have a guest on or someone promoting something so ensure you use all hashtags being used on the night. This is essential or your tweets will not be seen by others on the hour. Also if someone wants to go back over the hour to see who was participating in it they can do so by searching for the particular hashtag/s e.g. #irishhealthhour.

Twitter chats are the same as going to an off line networking event, except this time they are on line so remember this when you are engaging with people you meet. It is highly unlikely that you would go up to someone at an off line networking event and start into a heavy sales technique with them. So remember this when you are tweeting, introducing yourself is always good and helping people to get to know you before you start promoting and trying to sell to them is always advisable!!

We all know that people buy people and you can really get to know people when you interact with them on line. Likewise they can get to know you. When we build up relationships with people we are more likely to buy from them.