Does size matter for your social media and blog posts?

The practice of less is better in your content can work like a dream.

There is no need for extra words, if extra words in your blog or your post serves no purpose.

If you are trying to get a point across about your product, make sure that this is being heard.  If you fill your blog  or posts with "fluff" just to reach a particular word count then the real message may become hidden or the reader may forget why they started reading your content in the first place!  

A picture tells a thousand words.  If you feel you need a long post or blog consider doing a video to fill in some of the detail or add a graphic which tells a story. 

For example if you are selling something that offers relaxation for example a retreat, putting in a graphic with the desired effect will resonate with someone who feels they need a break!   

Size does matter with content depending on who your desired audience is!! 

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Empowerment Coach and Founder of IrishHealthHour