Top Tips for Mozzie Bite Prevention

"If you're a mozzie magnet try my CLOAK method for effective bite prevention...

• C – Cover up arms and legs with suitable clothing.
• L – Light coloured clothing is strongly advisable.
• O – Odours, bodily or otherwise, like certain kairomones and perfumes are strong attractants. So wash thoroughly, including exfoliating with a loofah, and do not use perfumes.
• A – Apply an effective, preferably natural, insect repellent such as incognito 
• K – Keep away from stagnant water if possible. 

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4 Ways to Interact Effectively on Line

With so many of us engaging with people online how can we survive and stand out?

Here are my top 4 tips on surviving! 

1 Be Yourself.  It sounds simple but so often we can get sucked into creating something, be it a graphic or some sort of content that we feel people will want to see as opposed to something we actually believe in!

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