Top Tips to help you can get the most out of your HolisticTreatments.

Top Tips from Catherine Sheerin from The Holistic Toolkit

Before the treatment:

1. Arrive on time.

This shows respect for your therapist but also allows the therapist to give you the most of

your time. If you are late, this time will be taken off your treatment and therefore you won’t

get the full benefit of the experience.

2. Communicate your wishes to your therapist.

Be this your first or your tenth treatment. Every day is different and you should never assume

that your therapist knows how you are since your last treatment. Be open and honest with

your therapist before, during and after the treatment. It’s totally confidential and will benefit

you and your treatment.

During the treatment:

3. Breathe/Enjoy

Some people are nervous when they come for a treatment for the first time and they might not

know what to expect. It’s important to note that all my treatments have positive benefits for

your body and mind and there is no reason to be nervous so just breathe as normal and let the

therapist do their thing. This will help relax your body and mind but most importantly will

help you to enjoy the treatment.

After the treatment:

4. Drink plenty of Water.

Immediately after the treatment and for the rest of the day, drink plenty of water. Your body

may feel dehydrated and this will help the kidneys and other organs remove and flush out any

toxins that need to leave the body