4 Benefits of Having Kefir in Your Diet

Kefir is a probiotic milk drink that you can have on its own or mix in with your smoothies or pancakes.   It has between 40 - 60 strains of good bacteria which are so beneficial for our gut health. 

Here are 4 benefits of having Kefir in your diet: 

1   Having Kefir in our diet helps us release bacteria and fungus from our intestines; the so-called bad bacteria. 

2    Kefir supports our gut both with its antibacterial properties and its anti-inflammatory properties.  

3     It supports our heart function because it contains Vitamin B12. 

4    The phosphorus in kefir helps us utilize protein, carbs, and fat better.

The experts advise starting off slowly introducing Kefir into your diet and consuming just 1 - 2 tablespoons to start with and then after about 2 weeks increasing this. 

You can buy Kefir drinks in shops or you can start off with your own starter pack! 


Dolores Andrew-Gavin