4 Ways to Reduce Your Toxic Load

By Dolores Andrew-Gavin, www.celticsoulessence.com

  1. Eat your foods in their most natural state and as close to raw as is possible.   Salads are a great way to add lots of raw foods to your diet.  
  2. Use natural products when possible.   It is so much cheaper to make your own natural products than it is to buy expensive branded labels.   Check out upcoming recipes at my website.
  3.   If your daily commute involves underground stations or busy streets, consider finding an alternative route that has you in the fresh air more.   If this is not possible consider wearing a mask over your mouth to avoid inhaling fumes.   You could even wear a nice scarf covering your mouth with your favourite natural scent on it. 
  4. Wear natural essential oils instead of perfume.   As well as getting the benefit of smelling lovely you are also choosing the vibration you want for the day.   For example, if you want to feel more grounded choose a tree oil.