4 Tips to Keep You Mindful of your Health in the Workplace

  1. Find a way to get walking.   Take the stairs if there is one.  Or if you work on the ground floor and there is a car park, park at the back of the carpark so that you have to walk.    Fresh air opens our lungs and helps our brain function better.
  2.  Bring healthy snacks with you to work so that you keep your blood sugars level.   If they need refrigeration you can pick up a lunch box that has a cooling system in it to keep foods nice and chilled.   Snacks like protein balls made with dates; nuts, seeds and coconut are ideal snacks to keep you from getting hunger pangs and reaching for the wrong foods at lunchtime.
  3. Keep a bottle of water on your desk, you will be more likely to drink it when it is in front of you.   Add some lemon or mint too if you like.   Use a glass bottle/glass if possible.    
  4. Find out where there are healthy restaurants in your area so if you feel like treating yourself to lunch out you know the menu! 

Dolores from IrishHealthHour