4 ways to show up and dance with life 

How do you show up and dance with life? 

1 Slow down. The pause between your breath is one of the most poignant moments you have.  When you breath drop fully into this moment and set your mind free from the worries of the past and your projection of stories into the future.    Slow down your life by slowing down your breath! 

2.  When you learn to slow down begin to breathe more fully.    Listen to your breath and hear what it sounds like.   Is it shallow and short or is it long and free?     While you exhale sigh out loud to let go of anything that wants to be let out.     Stuck energy that clogs up your throat area can cause physical and emotional problems like sore throats and a fear of speaking up. 

3.  Stand tall. Put your feet firmly on the ground, tuck your tailbone in, lengthen your spine.  Imagine there is a piece of string attached to the top of your head pulling you up and a piece of string attached to your feet pulling you down.   Feel your spine straighten and your dics align one on top of each other.   

4.  Open your heart area. While standing tall throw your arms back behind you open up your chest area and breathe.   Lift your head towards the sky and remember the sky is the limit if you allow it to be.    

Each day is an opportunity to flourish and to dream your life into being.    

Stand tall and dance with your life. 

Dolores Andrew-Gavin Celtic Soul Essence