Which Goddess Type is Most Dominant in You? - 4 Tips to Find Out

As women, we all have Goddess archetypes in us.   An archetype is an energy and can be described as our patterns for how we are.    When we know we always do something a certain way or never do something another way, then we know that this is an archetype or energy working in us.   

Here are some tips on knowing your Goddess archetype. 

1 How do you feel in relation to your personal power?  Be honest here with yourself as how you react with your power tells you a lot about yourself.   For example, if you are a born leader, seek out the judgments of men more than women, lead large groups or organizations you are most likely to have a strong Athena energy.    A person who yields more to those around her and who does not trust her own power may have more a maiden like Persephone type energy. 

Neither is right or wrong, we are who we are and archetypes can mature and we can learn to grow more into our power if this is something we tend to struggle with.  

2 How do you feel about your sensuality?  Some women find it easy to love their bodies as they are, they don't tend to hold onto worries about how others, especially men, react to them.   They are sovereign in their sensuality as opposed to someone who may feel she is too fat, too thin or suffers from any form of inferiority with body issues.   

Working with the Goddess Aphrodite who embodies the essence of sensuality is a good way to start a journey to loving yourself just the way you are. 

3 The skills of empathy and compassion for others are not qualities we all embrace at the same level as others.   People like Mother Theresa had immense empathic qualities and she was able to have compassion for the poorest of people. 

Sometimes we lack compassion for ourselves, maybe you find yourself in a position or a relationship you never dreamed possible.   You might wonder why you ended up being so unhappy, so alone or whatever you are feeling?    If you want to adopt more empathy or compassion for yourself or you want to learn how to have more compassion for others, you can look to work with the wonderful Goddess Quan Yin.

4 Contrary to what society may like to have us think, housework and household duties do not come naturally to every woman and not every woman cherishes doing these duties!   They are not called duties for nothing!!!!

Yes those of us who have Hestia qualities love nothing more than to prioritise our household duties over everything else!    She will be happy tending the home and does not look for outside interests for happiness, she has the ability to be mindful in her work and does so with pleasure.   

However, on the other hand Athena would much prefer to be out there in the working world earning just as much if not more than her male counterparts and is more than happy to pay someone to help her with domestic chores! 
It goes back to the fact that we are all different and when we get to know what energies are dominant in us we are better able to understand why we do what we do.   It also can make us less judgmental of others, we can realise they are who they are to!  

You can pick a Goddess Oracle Card at my website anytime you want and find out which Goddess wants to guide you at any given time. 

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Author, Soul Care Practitioner, Energy Therapist and Founder of IrishHealthHour

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