4 Ways to Interact Effectively on Line

With so many of us engaging with people online how can we survive and stand out?

Here are my top 4 tips on surviving! 

1 Be Yourself.  It sounds simple but so often we can get sucked into creating something, be it a graphic or some sort of content that we feel people will want to see as opposed to something we actually believe in!    If this is something that you find hard to do then don't do it.  Create content that suits you.    Yes, lots of people love #wednesdaywisdom but perhaps you have something different to share in your own way -- go for it!   Create your own hashtag! 

2  Be Real!!!  Transparency is something that, like it says on the tin, is what people can see through.  Our digital footprint leaves lots of clues as to who we are and what our core values are.   Saying something on a Monday and contradicting it on a Wednesday leaves people confused!.   When we build communities online we are building them based on trust. 

3 Be respectful.  Ok, so you don't like the way someone else does business?  Well, usually that is your personal opinion and does not indicate that you are correct about how they do their business.  We are all unique individuals and that is what makes life so enthralling, well most of the time ;-)   We are not who other people think we are, we are ourselves .. yes our own unique self and we can embrace that. 

4 Be patient!!  Building trust takes time!  Do you trust everyone you meet the first time?   Interact, engage and connect.    People buy people .. AND remember ....If doesn't matter how many people do the same thing as you, they are not you and people resonate or connect with people they like.   

Just stay real and be you and ALLOW the magic to happen, 

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Founder IrishHealthHour, Soul Care Practitioner, Author, and Mum

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