Stilling Your Mind with a new app - Still Mind TM

Stilling your mind with Grainne Toher.

I discovered the benefits of meditation during a particularly, stressful family time in or around 2003.  My brain was humming much of the time during this period and it delighted in a few moments of complete switch off.  The switch off was a simple body-scan burned onto a cd. I wore it out.

Searching about, I discovered there were many practices and many techniques to choose from, I just had to find one that suited me and my lifestyle.

My father became terminally ill and I became very angry at the thought of losing my best pal.  It was during this time that I discovered a chanting practice, the vibrations from which helped release some of the frustration and powerlessness I felt as I watched him slip away.

During my yoga teacher trainings, I was introduced to many meditation practices and continued to explore this area off my mat, online and in new venues.

For me, I found that much of the techniques and learnings were constantly being unlearned to internalise into something I could authentically practice at home and transmit in my classes.

Modern life is becoming increasingly frantic and anxiety and depression are on the rise.  As a society, we have become permanently ‘switched on’. More than ever, we need time out just for a few moments of a daily time out.   

We also need a space or a means to practice meditation, without fear of getting it wrong, not meditating right or engaging in a battle with our own minds

Still Mind TM is a collection of my meditation experiences and observations to encourage people towards an acceptance of the busy mind.  It aims to help them find a connection with their breath and move towards peace of mind.

Still Mind TM is available now on Google Play with Guest, Member and Gold Options.

From my heart to yours,

Grainne Toher