4 Tips for Everyday Empowerment

Every Tips for Empowerment from Caroline from The Everyday Empowerment Project 

Try this amazing 4 tips to feel empowered everyday! 

Tip #1 Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude - Every morning before you even swing your feet out of bed, mentally list three things you are grateful for. Say thank you after each one. This will change your mindset for the day ahead, bringing you untold positivity. 

Tip #2 As you are brushing your teeth, tell yourself 'I love you.' Say it out loud. Look in the mirror at yourself (toothpaste foam and all) and say aloud these three difficult words. empowerment and positive change starts with self-love. 

Tip #3 After you have brushed your teeth, stand with your feet wide apart, hands on hips (think Wonderwoman or Superman), adopt this power pose for a few seconds and tell yourself you are going to have an awesome day. 

Tip #4 Spritz some of your favourite perfume or aftershave, might even be the one you keep for special occasions, because this is a special occasion - it's a brand new day and self-love sets the tone for empowerment and positivity that is sure to follow. 

(P.S. You haven't even been out of the bed 10 minutes and look at how empowered you already feel... #aimforeverydayawesome #everydayempowermentproject #irishhealthhour)