3 Tips to Boost your Mental Health

Great tips from Charlotte Wiseman Founder of Step Inside Wellbeing 


Knowing and using your strengths has been shown to make you up to 9 times more likely to thrive at work and pleasure as well as improving energy levels, motivation, mental clarity and life satisfaction. 

If you don't know what your strengths are then check out this website for a free on line assessment and then endeavour to consciously use one of your top strengths x 3 times today. That is correct, use 1 strength in many ways to get maximum effect. Another great challenge is to pick one of your lowest ranking strengths, those which are underused, and find 3 ways to bring those into your life TODAY.

2 - GIVE

We may think that receiving things is what makes us feel good but it has been shown that by giving to others we get a greater boost to our wellbeing than by receiving. Extensive research has shown that my committing 'random acts of kindness' we enjoy feeling more calm, we experience less stress and are less likely to suffer from anxiety or depression. On top of that studies have shown that it helps to reduce pain in the body, lower blood pressure, improving our overall heart-health, and lead to longer life expectancy.

Random acts of kindness don't need to cost a penny, they can be stopping to speak to a homeless person, being there for a friend in need, baking a surprise treat for your office team. For more inspiration of how to bring this to life visit visit this website.  


Meditation has got a lot of attention recently and there is a lesser known aspect of the practice which is due for a shout out. Self compassion mediation is a simple practice in which we recognise that we may be going through challenge and allows us some time to accept that. 

When faced with difficult life struggles we usually judge ourselves and speak harshly, in a way that we would never speak to another person. This has been shown to increase our stress levels, enhance our suffering, inhibit our ability to find solutions and making the recovery process longer and less effective than if we gave ourselves a little more mental support. If you want to build your resiliency now before the next challenge arises OR if you are going through a difficulty right now I encourage you to click here and try a new approach to meditation.

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