3 Top Tips for Your Health and Wellness

Top Health and Wellness Tips from Acupuncturist Helen Falvey Dip. Ac., MAFPA.

1 Eat warm foods and drinks

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine teachings, food is better digested if it is served warm and, eating large amounts of chilled foods and drinking iced drinks can impair digestion.  Consider steamed vegetables, cooked grains and some high quality protein in place of cold salads and swapping iced drinks for warm water with some lemon or herbal teas.

2 It’s not just what you eat…

Does gulping down your food while in a rush or eating while watching TV or scrolling social media sound familiar? Eating while concentrating on other things can result in improperly chewed food going through the digestive system causing indigestion, bloating and poor absorption of nutrients.  When we consider also that the health of our digestive system is connected to our body’s immune system, the role of good digestive health in illness prevention becomes clear too.

3 Move your body

It doesn’t have to be intensive exercise; gentle exercises such as walking, yoga, t’ai chi or qi gong can reap big benefits, the key is to find something that fits into your lifestyle and to be consistent with it.