Top Hydration Tips to keep you Healthy this Summer

We are delighted to feature tips from in-house Nutritionist Penny from T Plus Drinks with you.

T Plus Drinks's mission is to develop a ‘smarter tea’ and they are a new generation of vitamin super teas, designed to make an all new super nutritious little tea bag.


Obviously the #1 tip is to drink some water – but make sure you spread it out throughout the day. Have a glass or two first thing in the morning with some fresh lemon juice. Then late morning, 20 minutes or so before you eat, have another glass or two. After lunch has been and gone, top yourself up with some more water and then have your final fill a couple of hours before bed.


Okay, perhaps that’s not the most appetising word to describe them but by “swollen” we mean foods that already contain plenty of water. These can be foods that absorb water during the cooking process (e.g. rice, grains, porridge) or water-rich fruits and vegetables. It’s the perfect time to snack on watermelon, which lives up to its name by being 92% water.


Leave the biscuits in the cupboard and say no to that slice of cake. These dry foods aren’t helping you in this heat, no matter how tasty they may be.


Caffeine, alcohol, sugary drinks. All the usual suspects. As much as we might all love spending a few hours in a beer garden on a sunny day, alcohol’s diuretic effect is fairly significant. If you must indulge, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water to account for it. Hot drinks such as tea and coffee do count towards staying hydrated, but you might prefer iced versions during the heatwave and you should switch to a low caffeine option (fancy an iced t plus, anyone?).