Top Tips for Unplugging in a Busy World!

Great tips from Frances Geoghegan – Managing Director of Healing Holidays on how to unplug in our busy times!

“Meditation is one of the key aspects of wellness, both physical and mental. We all lead very busy lives, these days. However, as fun as these lives may be, there's usually plenty of stress that comes with it.

Setting aside some time each day to meditate has been scientifically proven to calm your mind. This makes for a better night's sleep, which means you are ready to take on the next day with a refreshed mindset. A better night's sleep means you also rest for longer, which has been linked with a longer lifespan, better mental health and a more youthful appearance.

Meditation also helps to lower blood pressure because it is a de-stressing exercise. Whether you would prefer to just sit quietly and reflect for half an hour each day or use a meditation app, there are plenty of ways to inject some serenity and peace into each day.

In today's tech-led world, it's also vital to detox digitally just as much as physically. Make sure you unplug every day; don't check your work emails after work or at weekends, switch off the computer at least one hour before going to bed to make sure your mind isn't too stimulated when you try to sleep.

Too much looking a one screen or another puts a great deal of strain on our eyes, which then makes us feel tired when we haven't actually done any exercise. This confuses the body into thinking you need to rest much more than you really do.”