5 Myths and Misconceptions About Concussions

Samurai Sports have looked into the signs and symptoms of concussion as well as recommended recovery tips. Researchers have uncovered that’s suffering from concussion in your 20’s can increase the risk of dementia by 60%.

 5 Myths and Misconceptions About Concussions

  1. A concussion can only happen when playing a contact sport – False. You can still gain a concussion after a crash, when playing a non-contact sport, or even by falling over whilst drunk.

  2. You need to be hit in the head – Actually, concussions are caused by the internal motion of the brain and can be triggered by a hit to the neck or chest.

  3. When playing sports, a helmet will prevent concussion – Helmets can prevent cuts and skull fractures but have no effect on averting concussions.

  4. Concussions result in a blackout – In fact, only 10% result with a loss of consciousness.

  5. Rest is the best recovery method – Post-concussion, you should only rest for 48 hours before starting the recovery process.