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5 Top Tips for Keeping your Mindset on Track

So where are you right now.

Are you here. I mean really here, right now?

Okay. It’s not an existential question about whether you exist or not. You most certainly do. However, science tells us that although your body is here going through the motions perhaps reading this on your phone or tablet, it's very likely your mind isn't.

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Love, Connection and Building the Perfect Partnership

Relationships are hard, when the honeymoon period ends they can get complicated and confusing. And when you add children into the mix it is easy for the relationship to start to spiral downhill into resentment, anger and daily frustration.

However, there are a few simple rules which anyone can follow to get their relationship back on track, rebuild the connection and rekindle the love.

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How to Get Healthy, Clean and Good-Looking Feet

We often give different amounts of attention to different parts of our body during our skincare routine, and there are some parts that we neglect completely. One of the parts that get neglected is often our feet, as we tend to care more about things that people can see all the time. However, the health of our feet is not just a case of basic hygiene, but having unhealthy feet can make basic tasks like walking or driving harder. So, here are some tips for keeping your feet healthy and pretty.

Keep them dry

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5 top tips for increasing your emotional resilience

Ruth Kudzi, coach, mentor and author at Ruth Kudzi coaching shares her top tips:

1) Learn to prioritise your needs, take time out every day to do something for you. This can be anything from a bath, a walk outside, a cup of tea with a book. Moments of calm when you can recharge without screens and be on your own allow you to recharge. 

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Beginner's Guide to Nordic Walking

If you compare this to running which only uses 45% and cycling which uses 50%, it’s unsurprising why Nordic Walking is set to become a huge fitness trend this year.

In fact, the mood-boosting benefits of being outdoors have had such a huge impact that there are now 2,000 walks on offer throughout the UK.

So, to help you get your step on, Craig Manor, have created the ultimate beginner’s guide to Nordic Walking. Not only have they uncovered the unexpected benefits of this low-impact sport, but also explained how to – there really is more to it than walking with two poles: 

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Stilling Your Mind with a new app - Still Mind TM

Stilling your mind with Grainne Toher.

I discovered the benefits of meditation during a particularly, stressful family time in or around 2003.  My brain was humming much of the time during this period and it delighted in a few moments of complete switch off.  The switch off was a simple body-scan burned onto a cd. I wore it out.

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3 Top Tips for Your Health and Wellness

1 Eat warm foods and drinks

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine teachings, food is better digested if it is served warm and, eating large amounts of chilled foods and drinking iced drinks can impair digestion.  Consider steamed vegetables, cooked grains and some high quality protein in place of cold salads and swapping iced drinks for warm water with some lemon or herbal teas.

2 It’s not just what you eat…

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