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5 Top Tips for Keeping your Mindset on Track

So where are you right now.

Are you here. I mean really here, right now?

Okay. It’s not an existential question about whether you exist or not. You most certainly do. However, science tells us that although your body is here going through the motions perhaps reading this on your phone or tablet, it's very likely your mind isn't.

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Stilling Your Mind with a new app - Still Mind TM

Stilling your mind with Grainne Toher.

I discovered the benefits of meditation during a particularly, stressful family time in or around 2003.  My brain was humming much of the time during this period and it delighted in a few moments of complete switch off.  The switch off was a simple body-scan burned onto a cd. I wore it out.

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3 Tips to Boost your Mental Health


Knowing and using your strengths has been shown to make you up to 9 times more likely to thrive at work and pleasure as well as improving energy levels, motivation, mental clarity and life satisfaction. 

If you don't know what your strengths are then check out this website for a free on line assessment and then endeavour to consciously use one of your top strengths x 3 times today.

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