Chakras Demystified - Using the Chakras as a Template for Wellness

Chakras Demystified - Using the Chakras as a Template for Wellness


What is this course about?

By the end of this seven lesson course you will be able to use your chakras as a template for your life.  

You will know which energy centre to go to when an obstacle comes up for you, when you get stuck in a situation, when an emotion seems recurring or when you feel ungrounded and unable to bring something into your life whether it be a job or an emotion like happiness.   

What are our seven energy centres?

Just like our veins and arteries carry blood around our body, our meridians and chakras deal with the flow of energy around our body. We have seven major energy centres or chakras which process different types of energies and each has a different type of awareness associated with it. These energy centres can get blocked with emotions that are not dealt with and limiting beliefs may be running the show.

The different types of awareness in these centres include:

· A feeling of belonging

· The energy of speaking our truth

· Self love and the ability to truly love others

· Our ability to listen to our gut instinct to guide us

· Our self esteem and confidence

· Our ability to be in alignment with what we want and have our compass set to attract what we want by taking right actions to achieve it.

We look at how energy blocks like limiting beliefs and patterns are formed in our brain and why we tend to keep getting the same results over and over again and how they keep us stuck.

We look at our own life stories and realise that while we cannot change them, we can make the energy around them more bearable and easier to understand.

At each lesson we journey through one of the energy centres in turn and find out who or what is in the driver seat of each one. We ask the questions that help us become aware of the blocks and patterns that are waiting to be uncovered and changed.

There is no wrong way to do this course as we are often not aware that we can make the necessary changes to change the course of what we are doing and where we are going.

Why do we incorporate essential oils?

We combine essential oils as a tool to support our body systems and maintain balance while we our uncovering our true path.

We pair an essential oil with each of the energy centres because of its particular vibrational quality i.e. how it works to best support each particular awareness centre.

For example we use oils to support us in grounding our centre so that from a centred well balanced place we can begin our journey of discovery.

We pair beautiful Wild Orange citrus oil with our emotional energy centre to support our mood while we enter our emotional realm.

We use the citrus oil of Lemongrass to support cleansing on both a physical and emotional level.

We open our airways and fill our lungs and heart with the wonderful blend of Breath.

We use Lavender as the oil of communication while we work on discovering how we are communicating with the world both at a seen (conscious) and unseen (unconscious) level for example our body language and actions may not be in alignment with what we say.

We use Juniper Berry to support our innate instinctual realm where we can come to realise we can change the energy around our stories and learn to see them in a different light.

We use the oil of Rosemary to help us transition into our new founded awareness that we are actually in control of our life and that our actions, thoughts and emotions have such a profound effect on us.


Each lesson contains:

· A Word  file which is designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery and help you get in touch with where you are sourcing your energy for this particular awareness centre.

· A guided meditation for each energy centre.

· A suggested essential oil that has been paired with the energy centres to support and maintain your journey.

In each lesson you will uncover the beliefs and thought patterns that are in the driver’s seat of each particular awareness centre and you will have the chance to change those beliefs and thought patterns to be in alignment with your true and authentic self.

Meditations:  The following are the themes for the meditations you will receive with this course.

First Chakra:   Journey to Your Younger Self

Sacral Chakra … Creating Our Own Personal Boundary

Solar Plexus … Harnessing the Inner Fire in Our Power Centre (you will need to have a candle for this or if not imagine a candle burning before switching it on)

Heart Centre ….. Opening Our Heart Centre

Throat Chakra …..Crystal Blue Dome Meditation

Third Eye Chakra .. There are two meditations for the third eye chakra.  The first is about Activating Your Third Eye.    Choose an ornament or crystal beforehand to use during this meditation.

The second meditation is about Changing the story around an object.   Again choose an object before dong this meditation.

Crown Chakra .. A Journey Through the Entire Chakra System


The course is €160, which includes all the course material.

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