Global Emotional Health Summit Package - Access to all 18 Speakers

Global Emotional Health Summit Package - Access to all 18 Speakers


What is the Global Emotional Health Summit?

When it comes to our health and wellness our emotional and mental well-being has a profound impact on our physical health.

We can be blocked emotionally by limiting beliefs or what we may perceive as negative emotions that are in the driver’s seat of our life whilst we feel like mere passengers wondering how we got to where we are.

In the case of stress for example, which is not a tangible object but is something we can certainly feel, we learn ways to look at this stress and find its root cause.

When we feel stress we are feeling an energetic reaction to our outer environment or perhaps the story we are holding around ourselves.

When we learn to look within and to look at our emotional well-being and how our energy is flowing we can find ways to work with our energy for best results externally.  It has a ripple effect; when we cause change within, it reflects without.

Who will benefit from the Global Emotional Health Summit?

– It is for anyone wishing to delve into the emotional realms to understand what our emotions are and how they serve us.

– For anyone who suffers stress or feels held back by fear or another emotion.

– It is for people who want to look at ways of expanding their horizons; they may feel stagnant in their relationships or their career.

– It is for anyone wishing to learn about how we can work with dream work to find hidden gems of wisdom from our own subconscious.

– It is for those wanting to learn tools to help on an every day basis to maintain health and wellness.

This summit brings together experts from various fields to help us illuminate our path and show us ways to navigate our internal emotional landscape and change our stories to best serve our needs.

Each expert has their own way to empower us and help us find our core essence and find our authentic voice.

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