Goddess Essential Oil Blends

Goddess Essential Oil Blends


The Goddess Essential Oil Blends have just been launched. 

When we work with these Goddess blends we work with creating energies we want to embrace in ourselves.   For example if we are stuck in work projects, relationships, or maybe we find we fly into rage/anger or feel smoothered in sadness then we work with oils that naturally have an energetic vibration to support us out of these situations.

Different Goddesses had different energies. Aphrodite was the sensual alchemical Goddess.   When we wish to have more flow in our life around our emotions, our passion and creativity we can call upon the energies of the Goddess Aphrodite.   In this blend we work with the oils of Marjoram (the Oil of Connection), Cypress (the Oil of Motion and Flow) and Cinnamon (the Oil of Sexual Harmony) to bring about the vibration we wish to bring into our life.

For the heart chakra we work around the energies of Quan Yin, the Buddist Goddess of Compassion.  We use the oils of Geranium (the Oil of Love and Trust), Lemongrass (the Oil of Cleansing) and Peppermint (the oil of a Buoyant Heart) to bring about the vibration we are seeking. 

Each oil comes with a card with an affirmation to work with.

For more about information about working with the Goddesses or chakras of our body please contact Dolores at doloresagavin@gmail.com

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