Part 7 Finding Your Ideal Clients and Writing Content that Suits Them

Now that you know what your client’s pain points are and who your ideal clients are its time to find where they are and develop content that is right for them.  

If you are in business for a while and feel you know your client’s pain points doing an audit from time to time is a good thing.  It keeps you focused and on top of your game.    We as people evolve as well as our business and it is essential to pivot and change along with our business.

So for now we are going back to looking at the pain points we discovered last week and finding where the people are that need what it is you have.  

If you are already in business and are already working with clients or customers then you will be dividing these people into different groups.

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Part 6 Who are your Ideal Clients or Customers?

In this episode we look at identifying who will want to purchase your product or service from you.

Going back to your identifiers from the previous exercise is a start.  

So here are the questions we are going to ask for this week;

What problem does your product or service help people with?  OR another way to put it What solution does it offer? 

Why is this?  

Who needs it?

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Part 5 Crafting Your Story

Now is the time to craft the story that we want to tell.

Like every good story there will be a hook we tell to draw ourselves and others to us. If we have a product that we developed out of a need we ourselves have then we can craft a story around our journey with this product.

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Part 4 Finding Your Why

This is a perfect week to delve deeper into our emotional realm and ask ourselves why we are doing what we are doing.

We bypass the cognitive layer at the beginning of this exercise to do this exercise.

Grab and pen and paper and join me!

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Part 2 Your Point of Power

In Part 2 we are discussing our Point of Power and realising the patterns that have developed in our unconscious. These patterns are what dictate what happens to us over and over again in our lives.

When we recognise our Point of Power in these patterns we can consciously decide to change the way we react and create better stories for ourselves.

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Part 1 Lets Talk Stories

We start looking at our stories, both the ones we tell ourselves and the one we tell others.

When we become aware of what these stories are we learn a lot about why we get the results we are getting in our lives.

Now of course sometimes we have to accept situations the way they are for now, but that doesn’t mean we cannot have goals and dreams.

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