On Line Self Study Twitter Workshop

On Line Self Study Twitter Workshop


On line self paced workshop.

Includes 2 You Tube videos, eBook and an Avatar template.

This workshop is meant for you if …

· You know you have a powerful story to share with the world.

· You are ready to go forward in your business using social media.

· You are ready for the success, and to meet your “tribe”.

· You want to create a plan that will help you drive your success.

· You want to show up, everyday, fully authentic and in your own truth.

· You need help getting your story from the inside out!

In this 2 hour recorded workshop we will look at ways of engaging on Twitter to make valuable connections to Find Your Tribe/Your Ideal Customers and Clients.

There is also an eBook and Avatar template included.

I will help you develop your own story and go through why you are doing what you are doing. When you are so clear on your story you will be better able to find your clients on Twitter. You can tweak this information if you want to use on any other platform as well of course bearing in mind that each platform has its own voice just like ourselves!!! The copy (story) you share on Facebook will not be in the same format as Twitter for example.

I will then take you through the basics of Twitter, as well as showing you how to design graphics for Twitter, doing video for Twitter - Periscope, advanced searching for your ideal clients, and going through best practice for engaging and building relationships on hashtag hours. We have the world wide web at our fingers tips so lets utilise it!.

I have been steadily growing a health and wellness global community on Twitter for the last 4 years and have a very busy hashtag hour every Sunday evening from 8 - 9 pm #irishhealthhour.

Check out my You Tube video for more information

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