Mike, Sinéad and Family

In 2016 we as a family with three beautiful children under 4 years of age decided to make some very necessary lifestyle changes. A close friend introduced us to the doTERRA life! People in doTERRA say you remember the three most important days of your life, the day you get married, the day your first child is born and the day you join doTERRA (22nd December 2016).

As many of you may know bringing up three young children is not a walk in the park and can be very hard on each of us, if you throw in running your own small 24/7 maintenance business from home, life was not exactly fun, for a married life, a family life and having any sought of social life, nevermind a healthy life! In fact a healthy life was the last thing we were thinking of. Mike was suffering with weight and heart issues, Sinéad was suffering with a hiatus hernia caused by stress and bad diet, the children had also had many issues constipation, tonsilitis, bronchitis, the regular snotty noses and any other illness they could find.

Then in November 2016 the newest member of the Casserly family came along and we realised family life had to change in more ways than one. You go through life thinking we need to work our fingers to the bones to provide for your beloved children but really, they just need a roof over their heads, food in their bellies and the love of their parents. The way we were going we were working day and night hardly seeing the children, each other, eating on the road, no social life it was no real existence. I bet there are lots of people out there feeling the same.

So we made the decision to make a full lifestyle change, Mike was given the all clear from the doctors for his heart after seven procedures and this seemed to be as good as time as ever, we got our kit of oils just after Christmas and started the changes in the New Year 2017. All we can say since then is BOOM we did as much as we could to start the changes first, we started with diet and the uses of various doTERRA oils and supplements within 5 months we had come along way!!  3.5 stone lost between the two of us, the little ones heath issues clearing up, then we introduced a few more of the oils and supplements bigger changes happened, more energy more time more fun, sickness was not a part of our lives anymore. roll on to June 2018. Life has changed beyond our wildest dreams. We eat right, we exercise, we removed all toxins out of our home, we manage our rest, there is no stress anymore all with the help of these amazing doTERRA essential oils. Our marriage life has never been as strong, our family life is full of happiness and joy, we have not visited or need any medial care in the 18 months so far, we have made friends with some of the most amazing people all around the world. Our future life is bright and beyond our dreams and to think this started with a chat with a friend and a drop of oil!  

However, this brief content of the past 18 months is not even half of it, we have changed our business from the hard unrewarded business we used to run to a business of pure passion and humbling experiences where we help, train and support people all over the world to make lifestyle choices just like we did. Inspiring people to make their lives worth more and the opportunities of their dreams real.

Our mission is simple, but not easy to help as many people as possible to realise there is more to life. There is a life of wellness, a life of opportunity and a life of freedom just waiting around the corner.

Wishing you Wellness from the West,

Love Mike, Sinéad and Family x