Embracing The Goddess Within

Embracing The Goddess Within


We look at the different Goddess enegies that are within all of us. Ultimatey they each represent power, that is our own personal power. This power can be power in matters of the heart, in our work or in a certain part of our life.


We identify which is more dominant in ourselves. If we wish to bring another type of energy into our lives we decide firstly what we want:


For example:


Perhaps we may want to embrace our own internal wisdom.


Perhaps we want to embrace the energy of love, it may well be we are blocking ourselves from either giving or receiving love. We look at ways to invoke Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love into our lives.


Perhaps we may wish to have children but do not feel very maternal or worry about whether or not we will be able to conceive. We may wish to bring the energy of motherhood closer to us.


These energies are within us all and we look at ways of embracing the ones we want more or perhaps taming the one that we wish to grow from.


We will use silent intention, aromas, and creative visioning to bring these energies closer to us.

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