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The Joy Project

Hannah Lilly – Transformational Speaker, Non Competitive Running Coach, Co-Author 20 Beautiful Women Volume 3, Body Confidence Enthusiast, Blogger & Joy Hunter

Hannah Lilly’s uplifting story is not only one of survival & of personal transformation but one that inspires all who hear it to find more joy in their own lives and to become the best version of themselves.

In 2014 a perfect storm of events meant for this Mum of 2, Running Coach & Motivational Speaker in her own words “my seemingly perfect life began to collapse around me.” Months of anxiety followed, her self-confidence was non-existent and she began to contemplate ending her own life.

It was these thoughts that made her face up to the fact that she needed to make a decision- if she was going to continue living what life did she want to live? And this led to the creation of a mindset experiment she followed for six months including daily rules such as gratitude, kindness to others, kindness to herself, even listening to a favourite song was a rule. Knowing that when you feel bad it’s not as simple as “just snapping out of it” the rules were feel good triggers and her goal – simply to try and feel better.

It did much more than that, it transformed her life forever.

During the experiment Hannah left behind a life of constant dieting and negative body image, the relationship with her children and day to day life improved beyond measure, finding ways to deal with her anxiety and stress and her own blog where she shared her story honestly ( has had a positive effect on thousands of readers. She became a published author and Huffington Post Contributor. Her enthusiasm for seeing others transform their lives and how they feel about themselves means she is following her dreams and now speaks about all that is possible inspiring others to find more joy, be friends to themselves and get excited about life.

Knowing what is possible and wanting herself to stay living this way, recently gave Hannah the idea of repeating the experiment. For 3 months and this time inviting people to join her. Open to people all over the world, Hannah will be motivating & supporting everyone through a face book group and social media. An amazing experience and unlimited positive possibilities await everyone that chooses to take part. Small changes that can make HUGE differences for EVERYONE. More joy can only be a good thing for all of us and for the world lets be a part of creating something that makes things better.

When Does Experiment Begin? August 15th

Who Can Take Part? This is for EVERYONE worldwide. There are no rules about how you feel starting off…even if your life is great now chances are you could squeeze in some more joy. It’s about creating an inspirational community of people making small changes that have unlimited positive possibilities and seeing the effects ripple. I will be posting updates and motivating & supporting everyone as well as taking part myself.

Why Are You Doing It Again?  Good Question! Yes, it transformed my life already. It’s still transforming but I’m not perfect and my life has struggles same as everyone. I still have days that I slip back into old habits. Days when I’m stressed out, overwhelmed and fear and doubt are hanging around and that’s why- I know how positive the effects of the feel good rules- gratitude, kindness and getting into the present moment can be- this experiment made me a better person and at the end that’s what matters most that when we take our last breath we know we’ve been the best person we can be kind, loving, forgiving and grateful. Mostly I’m doing it again because I’m so excited to share it with others, when I look back at where I was in 2014 feeling hopeless and afraid to where I am now it’s amazing. Now I know that everything is possible and that’s exciting – I don’t want to keep it to myself!

What’s Involved? For 3 months everyone will follow 10 daily “joy trigger” rules (though even choosing just one to follow would have a positive effect) I will be posting updates and probably a few challenges. I’d love if people shared with friends and family what they are doing and encouraged them to get involved too but no one will be under any pressure to share their own experiences or be interactive in the group.

What Can I Expect to Happen? Well that’s the exciting thing…we don’t know for sure. But it will be good. The experiment not only transformed how I felt about myself but I reached so many dreams and goals I never would have thought possible before. When you feel good, good things happen – there are no limits.

How Do I Get Involved? Find me on face book Hannah Lilly or Hannah Lilly Motivation – PM me or comment on the posts about The Joy Project and I will add you to the community as soon as the group is set up – then you can invite your friends.

If you think you could help Hannah spread the word about The Joy Project in any way at all email

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