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7 Week On Line Journey Through The Chakras

You can sign up to get the Introduction to the Chakras lesson free here and decide then whether or not it is for you.

This is an interactive on line course. 

Each week I will post a lesson in the secret Facebook group in relation to the particular chakra we are working on.  Each day I will post in relation to a different aspect.  

The first day will be a general introduction to the chakra.   On the following days I will post infomation on the essential oil for the particular chakra we are working on and how to work with it.  

Each week Iwill post a meditation to help you go deeper with each chakra.

There will be a recorded call every Wednesday where we learn more about the chakras and a call to answer your questions each week. 

There will also be a thread each week for sharing your thoughts on each chakra and for answering any questions that come up for you.

If you have your own essential oils you can use them or alternatively if you wish to get oils at wholesale price I can arrange that.   Any queries contact


*  Meal plans for eating foods that support each of the chakras and associated organs.
*  I have matched a Goddess energy to each chakra.  It is another tool we can use to embrace our personal power.  For example I have Quan Yin, the Goddess of compassion matched with our heart chakra.  Invoking the goddess energies helps us to step into the energy of that particular Goddess.

Some common questions about the chakras.
Do I need to start at the root chakra?

No it is not necessary but I would always advise on commencing the journey at the root.   If any issue comes up for you in another chakra and you want to tune in to it by all means do.   The root chakra is our foundation upon which all the other chakras are stacked.  

Why use essential oils?  What if I do not like the smell of them? 
 Not everyone likes every odour, smell is a personal choice.   Smell is linked to the root chakra as it is linked with survival.  We often hear the words “I could smell the fear”.   This is because smell travels through our olfactory system (of which our nose is a part) and enters our brain via this system.   One of the areas where the molecules from the oils enter is the limbic system.  This system is made up of structures such as the amygdale and the hippocampus. 

The amygdale is thought to play a major role in processing our emotions, the formation of emotional memory and emotional response.  We know that some odours arise emotions; for example we are told that inhaled Lavender has a calming effect.  
The hippocampus is associated with our learning ability and our memories.  Smell can trigger memories from the past, which can in turn bring into our awareness good or bad feelings.   We have the ability to assist this area of our brain with oils that support and maintain our central nervous system.  
The essential oils have their own vibration.  They are made up of molecules each with its own specific function.   Some of the molecules or components are antibacterial, some are anti fungal, and some have effects on different systems of our body e.g. central nervous system, endocrine system and digestive system.  This is their chemical make up and when we use them we are transferring their messages to our system.   For example when we take an oil like Lavender for support for our central nervous system the messenger molecules send signals to our brain which then cause the effect on our central nervous system.  
Will we ever have all our chakras balanced at the same time?
Life is a continuous journey.   The more we grow the more able we are to weave better stories for ourselves and manage situations in ways that we could never have imagined possible.   
There will be times when we feel we have done lots of work but keep going back to an old story and may wonder if we will ever shift this old story.    
However our stories, while they may appear similar can have a very different destination for us.  
Sometimes going to our third eye chakra, the centre, which governs illusion and perception and really focusing on our story, may bring forward some insights for us.  Maybe we need to look at a situation, which appears to be like an old story from a different point of view.

Testimonials from Previous 7 Week On Line Chakra Course
I have enjoyed this wonderful journey through the chakras. Dolores Andrew-Gavin's research and knowledge has been put together in a concise simple manner full of wisdom. Sweet, simple and powerful. Deborah P, USA

Lovely course, brilliant tutor, enjoyed it tremendously and feel fantastic for it!(Even brought aspects of it into my yoga classes!!) Thank you :) Ronah C. Ireland

"I loved the 7 week chakra course because we had an entire week per chakra! There was no rush and that gave plenty of time to take in the information. Dolores shared practical knowledge of the chakras that made it easy to digest and also allowed for powerful transformative experiences each week. The course gives you an education about your energy body that is so useful, and having the essential oils as a supportive tool was great." Jenn P USA

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