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Women’s Health; Connecting & Flowing with The Feminine Through Our Chakras

 7 Week On Line Journey


What does it mean to connect and flow with the feminine?

When we speak about the “feminine” we are speaking about an energy within.   It is the yin in the yin and yang.   It is the soft flowing of emotions, it is the core of our essence of creativity and birthing whether that be a new project or a baby (!), it is the right brain activities, the sensual, the listening to and following our gut instinct.

This feminine energy does well when it is in balance with our masculine energy, the left brain, the focused attention, the strategist, the yang. 

When we allow, the feminine flow become stagnant or be suppressed we no longer are in touch with our natural flow – we can have emotional imbalance, creative imbalance, an ability to create, to listen to what our body needs as opposed to what we think it wants, we can be in a constant state of doing and not “being”.

Who is this On Line Journey for

IF you want to learn a way to work with YOU as you are now   

·         A sensitive person struggling to just be? 

·         Someone who feels disconnected from their feminine nature?

 This disconnection can be:

 ·         A disconnection from your feelings and emotions and an inability to lean into and make sense of your emotional state.

·         An inability for self care.

·         A loss of a sense of what you want from life.

·         A feeling of being out of balance with your masculine nature, that go, go go part of you that is so important but needs the soft feminine to allow things to flow and to allow you just be.

 Each week we will take an in depth look at one of the chakras.  We start with our foundation, the root chakra and build from their.  

We go through questions each week to help us go deeper and we have a meditation each week to work with.

We work with an essential oil each week.   (If you want to get the course with all essential oils it will cost €155.00 this includes a membership account to get oils at wholesale price).   

There will be support though a private Facebook Group and a weekly recorded call with a chance for Q&A via Zoom.

Extras included in the Course

Access to my Goddess Course. 

A Goddess for each Chakra.  I have paired the energies of the Goddesses with the chakras to help you work with their energies.  For example we work with Athena the Strategy Goddess to help us with stepping into our personal power of the third chakra!!   A wonderful Goddess who was renowned for her strategic abilities!

Owning Your Life Story

An hour long Zoom recording of my Owning Your Life Story presentation for the Global Emotional Health Summit.   I go through how we work with our “stories”, how emotions are triggered by our stories and also how limiting beliefs are formed.  

Only €97.00

Early Bird €77.00


Deborah Phillips Pulzone I have enjoyed this wonderful journey through the chakras. Dolores Andrew-Gavin research and knowledge has been put together in a concise simple manner full of wisdom. sweet, simple and powerful.

Ronah Rac Well said, Dolores Andrew-Gavin! Lovely course, brilliant tutor, enjoyed it tremendously and feel fantastic for it! (Even brought aspects of it into my yoga classes!!) Thank you:)

Jenn Poniatowski "I loved the 7 week chakra course because we had an entire week per chakra! There was no rush and that gave plenty of time to take in the information. Dolores shared practical knowledge of the chakras that made it easy to digest and also allowed for powerful transformative experiences each week. The course gives you an education about your energy body that is so useful, and having the essential oils as a supportive tool was great.