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Galway Meet Up of Tweeting Goddess' Womens Inspire Network

Hello Hello Hello Women Inspire Ladies 

The popular FREE Galway Meet Up is back, same time, same place just a different date!

This month we have more wonderful speakers to give their knowledge to us on all things business, networking and being authentic!

First up we have Fidelman Greene speaking on 

"The power of faith in your business"


Fidelma Greene is a Conscious Business Mentor who empowers highly conscious women who are feeling stuck, not knowing how to affect greater change in their life and business.

Her clients have a desire to make a difference and are highly intuitive women. She acts as their midwife to help them birth their ideas to create more freedom, abundance and possibilities in their business and life as a Conscious Entrepreneur. This enables them to make a difference on purpose and build a sustainable business doing what they love.

Fidelma holds a sacred container for her clients to heal their fears and mindset blocks that are holding them back going to the next level. She helps women to:

 value their spiritual gifts and talents so they can offer their work in a way that serves them and those they are here to help in a bigger way

 let go of their old money story

 take a leap into the higher version of themselves in their business and life.

AND next we have Evelyn Pepperrell speaking on "Social media and Twitter visability" 

Evelyn Pepperrell, Social Media Communication Strategist, specialises in providing clarity and manage social media accounts for time short solopreneurs. We specialise in tailoring packages around SMEs product/service requirements being mindful of branding, seo and business message. We are a growing business and continue to build profile in event & social media visability and connection for time short solopreneurs.


Dolores Andrew-Gavin speaking on "Finding Your Authentic Story" 

Dolores is a health and wellness blogger, founder of IrishHealthHour, Energy Therapist, Author and Mum.

She helps people find their mojo when it comes to finding their own authentic story and writing about it, either for publication or just for clarity!   We each have our own unique strengths and when we learn to hone in on these and come from this place when we are writing, then we will be able to speak authentically to the world.   We don't want to write someone else's story, we want to write our own.   

However, we can hold ourselves back, consciously or unconsciously.    

Dolores works a lot with helping people delve into the emotional aspects of where they are stuck.   Our emotions each have a lesson for us and when we learn what they are trying to tell us then, we can take the juicy part of that and work with it, rather than against it.   Fear is not a bad emotion or one to be frightened of and, believe it or not jealousy is a fantastic emotion to show us our authentic path.    It’s fun to delve into our emotional realm because we are diving into our own internal world where all our power is!  By doing this we break through our own inner glass ceilings and begin to realise .. the world is our oyster!    

We will do some grounding exercises and learn a way to create a boundary to protect ourselves!!!