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A Course In Runes

A Course in Runes With Jenn Poniatowski

Starts September 2018

What is it?

An online, 11-month class with live weekly class calls and group interaction. We will examine each of the 24 Norse runic letters for meaning, mythology, and practical application of the symbolism in your modern life, all the while going deep into the ancient stories. They have relevance today. 

Who should you take this class?

For any one or a combination of the reasons below: 

-You need a tool that translates, clarifies and/or validates information that you feel intuitively, what you already know but don’t have a rational explanation for that knowledge. 
-You are familiar with Norse runes but would like to expand your knowledge and deepen your practice. 
-You have some level of self-awareness and would like to work with your own personal soul path journey in a conscious way. 
-When you hear words or phrases like seer, intuitive, shaman, mystic, one who knows, you feel energized and want to know more. 
-You might already read tarot cards or use another type of oracle. 
-You took an abridged version of a rune course and want to have a more intense, detailed study. 

Why this course, now?

I am a shaman with a strong affinity for mythology. The old myths provide a source of well being beyond just a curiosity. I am heavily influenced by the works of Joseph Campbell and others who detail the hero’s journey, from the call to adventure to the meeting of allies and threshold guardians, and the return and assimilation of knowledge and extraordinary experience. There are similar themes that emerge in the study of the runes and so this course is conducted through that lens. 

What will you come away with?

You will learn techniques for accessing your own intuitive knowledge. In learning how to ‘read Norse runes,’ you will find your place in your own personal mythology. Many past students have incorporated a “rune of the day” into their daily spiritual and meditation practices and have experienced help with creative processes, getting un-stuck in a process of transformation, and finding hidden solutions to challenges. You will also be prepared by the end of the course to cast the runes for other people if that is something you want to do in the future. 

What about the warlike nature of Norse Mythology?

How can this be a spiritual practice? Aren’t we above all this? While it is true there was a warrior ideal during the Viking Age, that is only part of the story. Second, we are learning this material in the modern era and there is a lot to be gained from incorporating knowledge of the runes into your life. We get a sense of connection to the sacred that is worthy and a helper even in contemporary times. 

What materials or resources do I need?

An Elder Futhark rune set of 24 runes, an internet connection, and ability to connect to the Zoom platform for live weekly class calls via phone, tablet or computer. 


The use of Norse runes and the information learned throughout the year is for your entertainment only, though you will move further along your path to self-realization at the soul level. 

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