@irishhealthhour is a unique networking community.   It encompasses all health and wellness related businesses, therapists and sports. 

A person’s health and wellness is about so many things; eating well, having our mindset attuned to what we authentically want; reducing our toxic load; exercising and generally living in the most beneficial way we can for our overall health and wellness. 

Each of us is a unique individual with our own unique identity and different ways of dealing with life based on where we live, society influences, family influences etc.  Because of this, different areas of health and wellness will appeal to and suit different people.   

This is why we like to invite people from every aspect of the health and wellness area to come join our community and network with other people.   You may be looking for an expert in a certain field or you may be a business/therapist working in an area and want to promote what you do.   

Each Sunday between 8 pm – 9pm GMT there is an expert guest from our community on the twitter hashtag hour #irishhealthhour promoting their health and wellness business.  This offers an excellent opportunity to ask the expert questions in a relaxed, friendly space.  

We will also be doing weekly blabs with people where you get to listen to live streaming interviews/chats with people in different health and wellness areas.   

#IrishHealthHour trending on Twitter! 

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