What should I Tweet about?

his is probably the question I am asked most often in relation to the work I do.

What should I say in my tweet, in my Facebook Post etc.

Firstly I would ask you, who are you talking to and what do you want them to know?

People are on different stages of the customer journey with you and will therefore react differently to different types of content.

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Brand Awareness through Twitter Hashtag Hours

Taking part in Twitter hashtag hours is a way to get in front of your targeted audience.

We had a recent brand awareness collaboration with The Mindful Marketers and due to our strategy which was formulated with our client's need at the forefront we had both hashtags trending in Ireland.

Please do get in touch if you want to get your brand in front of the right people. We have a proven track record! More information on how to get involved here.

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The Subtle Art of Storytelling .. Crafting Your Story

Welcome to part 5 of the series The Subtle Art of Storytelling

In this episode we talk about crafting your story.   This can be your business story, your personal story or indeed if you are writing a book it’s the same technique you can use to craft that story. 

As in any good story there is a common thread, we start out with a problem or maybe we know that we want to change something in our life.    Its good to not have too tight of a grasp on the end result because we can strangle our stories if we do.   We want to have a vision but also be able to pivot and change as the stories in our life change.

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The Subtle Art of Storytelling Part 4 Finding Your WHY

This week we are looking at the exercise of Finding Your Why. This of course is not a new theory and fits in very nicely with where we are in our journey here. This follows on nicely from the first few weeks were we looked at where we are, what obstacles are holding us back, any emotions that need befriending and now looking at the whole question of why we do what it is we do.

Here we go even deeper on our journey and peel back any more layers that are keeping us from where we want to be.

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How Much is Too Much? Email Marketing

Recently, actually the 29th of September to be exact, I spotted a cardigan in an email I received from a company. I hadn’t ever purchased from them before but I have purchased clothes on line this year.

It really caught my eye It was called “comfy cardigan” and just conjured up a feeling of comfort as the colder mornings have arrived and shorter days are looming. It was a perfect hook to get me interested! I clicked into the website, liked what I saw but I didn’t do anything about it and, I really don’t know why!

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The Subtle Art of Storytelling Part 1 How to Share Your Business Story So It's Heard

It is very hard to share your business story when you don’t know what that story is. AND yes, it is a story.

We all have a story around why we do what we do and it doesn’t really matter what your story is, it is YOUR story!

Becoming clear on your own voice, the voice behind the story is a first crucial step.

I have created a mini series to help you! Here is the first video and details of what I talk about in it.

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How To Take Part in a Twitter Chat

Twitter Chats are a great way to network on line.

There are many focused twitter chats which deal with a particular area like start ups, those in the wedding industry or those wishing to share knowledge about social media.

When you go onto a hashtag hour make sure you use the hashtag for that particular hour e.g. mine is #irishhealthhour. Often times the hour will have a guest on or someone promoting something so ensure you use all hashtags being used on the night.

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Does size matter for your social media and blog posts?

The practice of less is better in your content can work like a dream.

There is no need for extra words, if extra words in your blog or your post serves no purpose.

If you were trying to get a point out in your blog about your product then make sure that this is being heard.  If you fill your blog  or posts with "fluff" just to reach a particular word count then the real message can become hidden or the reader may go off in a tangent.  

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How can You Make a Difference With Your Business Story?

Nobody will know about your business and how great it is unless you tell them and you can make your business stand out and have your story heard through your voice.   Your content speaks your voice and once you come from that space within you, confidently telling your story and most importantly, feeling like you belong there, you have nailed it!! 

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How to Create Content that Stands Out

Creating content takes time.  From deciding on what to focus on, to checking analytics to see where our content is performing better and then editing and creating graphics.    

One of the biggest things of course to get right is producing content that stands out from the crowd.   If you create posts that get little or no traction how do you change that?

The first thing is to know why you are creating this particular piece of content and who are you directing it to? 

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How to Inject Passion into your Content

Oh for goodness sake you might say I haven't time for passion in my business, I do the accounting, the sales, the marketing, the social and now you want me to add passion!!!

Injecting Passion into your content doesn't have to be that hard, sure enough we may be exhausted with the day to day running of the business but passion is what people resonate with.  Passion is what will bring people to you.  

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What is your Digital Footprint?

Each piece of content you put out there on social media and in any form such as blogs or videos leaves a digital footprint. 

Your content is very much aligned to your brand story so when you are writing content ensure that it is saying what you want it to say! 

If you say you are passionate about helping people with mindful living but create content that contradicts this people, may be confused as to what exactly your brand represents.  Your content is not in alignment with what your brand represents.  

Each piece of content you write is your brand speaking.

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Which Social Media Platform Should I Be On?

I get asked this question a lot by people who may be on social media and not getting the results they want.  

Of course sometimes we are so familiar with the groups we are in and the people we are surrounded by that we might not have the courage to move elsewhere. 

You can find out more about how I help people find their voice and find their ideal clients and customers here.

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