Meet The Founder

My name is Dolores Andrew-Gavin.   I am the Founder of IrishHealthHour and the Global Emotional Health Summit

My passion is for helping people find their story about what it is they actually do in life and why they do it.  We all have this WHY which makes us the unique individual we are.  When we find this story and come from this place in our work and in our personal life everything changes as we are working in alignment with our core beliefs and values.    There is less push and pull as we are working authentically.

I am also an author, speaker and content writer and help people write content that is aligned with their story and from where they can find their ideal clients and customers.

You can check out samples of my writing here
I also train people How to Become Twitter Savvy as this is the platform I have grown a community on and know first hand the value it can offer someone.