Pest Control in the Workplace

Guest blog from David Smith, Owner of Cleaning Services Group

Pests in the workplace are more than just momentary annoyances while people are trying to
concentrate on their duties. They present a genuine threat to the health of the workforce and, given their collective nature of assembling in increasingly large groups, this becomes an even more pressing issue the longer it is left to fester.

This video from Cleaning Services Group identifies the pests that are most likely to intrude upon your workplace, lists the warning signs that a pest problem exists, pinpoints the factors that are likely to draw pests into the workplace and suggests actions that can be taken to stop pests from becoming a serious problem.

Some of the red flags of pest problems are easy to identify, for instance if you see an abnormally large number of flies, spiders or ants around the workplace. It’s also worth keeping an eye on any food kept in the canteen to see if it has been gnawed or mysteriously shrunk in size.  

Unexplained holes in food packaging could indicate the presence of pests, too.
Food items can obviously attract pests so if you bring food into the workplace, you have a duty of care to store it so that it isn’t rolling out the red card of welcome to pests. Always keep food in ideal storage such as canteen cabinets or refrigerators. Storing it in a drawer under your desk is never encouraged, as this runs the risk of drawing pests into the hub of the workplace.

For further tips on keeping workplace pests under control, watch the short video below.