Launch of IrishHealthHour

Joanne Sweeney Bourke, Noel Larkin Mayor of Galway and Dolores Andrew-Gavin Owner of IrishHealthHour

The launch of IrishHealthHour was held on Thursday the 16th of June 2016 at The Skeff, Eyre Square, Galway.  The launch was attended by members of the health and wellness community which has been growing steadily over the past fourteen months. 

Although launched in Galway, IrishHealthHour is a national and international health and wellness networking community, the main purpose of which is to develop a community/tribe for people in ALL sectors of health and wellness.

To date there are people from the food sector, the fitness sector, those who work in the mindset area, yogis, doctors and those working in organisations who support mental health, charities etc. 

Thanks to a collaboration between the lovely ladies of the ITWBN and The Skeff I was treated to a launch party in style.   

Those in attendance were treated to a champagne reception and delicious food platters thanks to The Skeff.

My lovely guest on the evening was Hannah Lily, Motivational Coach and Joy Hunter.   We were all inspired by Hannah's story.   

Hannah Lilly spent her life struggling with body image & food issues, constantly striving for perfection something that would eventually lead her to rock bottom. It was there she realised that fulfilment doesn’t come from external achievements -how we look or what we have- but by learning to be a friend to ourselves. Now a body confidence & Self Love Enthusiast she shares her life changing story so that others may begin to see beyond their reflection & how amazing they truly are.

Amongst those in attendance were people who get involved in the hashtag hour every Saturday morning #irishhealthhour from 11 am - 12 midday.   The launch was a great way for people to take "on line" relationships "off line".  

The Mayor of Galway was also present which lent a real community feel to the event. 

From a business point of view, the main focus on the night was also to introduce people to the new web site designed by Mini Media.  The business model of the web site is based on subscription and advertising.

There is an option to subscribe to the online community and advertise a product, service and/or a workshop. Subscribers also benefit from social media promotion on the Saturday morning Twitter chat, a chance to either guest blog or have your business/product or service blogged about by a professional blogger, and live streaming interviews.

If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact me at

Feel free to join us anytime on @irishhealthhour on Twitter, FB and Instagram

Many thanks to Saibh Egan for the beautiful photographs taken on the night. 

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, IrishHealthhour