"Getting older is inevitable, aging is optional"

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“Getting older is inevitable, aging is optional”.   I love this quote by Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D., a visionary pioneer in women’s health. 

Like everything in life, we can choose what mindset we want to adopt in relation to getting older! 

Society bombards us with anti aging this and anti-aging that, and stories of pain, aches, wrinkles and endings.   But we can choose instead to see aging as a new beginning.  Merely a new stage of our life, an initiation into our wisdom years.   Not that long ago elders were respected for their wisdom rather than disregarded and put out to pasture and, out of sight at times.

In a recent article, I wrote for a Lust For Life on Changing our Emotions from Demons to Diamonds I spoke about want being something that comes from our mind while desire is something that comes from our soul, well it is the same with aging.    What is it we desire most from our lives now that we are getting older?  Do we want more energy to look after grandchildren?  Do we want to escape for long holidays from our families after spending many years being at their beck and call?  

We are all different and unique and have different thoughts and feelings on the whole aging process.   Neither is wrong nor right, they merely are what they are. 

We have a choice on whether we wish to become an Ageless Goddess and we can learn to embrace this.   We don’t have to rely on what society tells us, we don’t need to buy every anti-aging device on the market with the hope that one of them will work.    We can embrace what we desire and make lifestyle choices around these desires.     This can include overall lifestyle choices including mindset and diet.   

Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D sums it up and I quote: “Wisdom gets wired into our brains, every day we make new pathways, neurons that fire together wire together”. 

If we allow ourselves to fully embrace this statement we can allow our wisdom to be our guiding light.  Nothing is impossible in life unless we train ourselves to think it is.   There is always a golden nugget which will shine its' light to illuminate something we can do to ensure we are hardwiring our brain for what we really want, not what we think we want or worse what we don't want.

When we speak about a Goddess we are speaking about a certain energy type.   We are made from energy and different types of energy are at the forefront of our lives at different times.  

Perhaps we have been wandering around like the wounded Persephone who falls into “poor me” mode in all of our stories.   Now it may very well be a fact that you have been wounded in the past but, it is how you choose to move on from those wounds that decides your destiny.    

Perhaps you are in your Athena power, you have reached the top of your career and retirement is looming.   Where are you now going to utilize this wonderfully focused energy?  Are you going to join active retirement groups or chair the residence committee?  Or maybe you want to embrace a more sovereign energy and head to the hills with no meetings or agendas, perhaps the fun-loving, "don't tie me down" energy of Artemis is calling you.

We can control our destiny by changing the way we think, by making sure that the new pathways being created in our brain are being formed from positive stories that represent where we want to go in life. 

Perhaps the fact that you have overcome a nasty divorce and have now taken back control of your own personal power is your new way of being.   You have realised that you can stand up for yourself, you have realised that it is ok to ask for what it is you need.    You have set the course for the remainder of your life at a new destination, one that you have created.   

You are no longer held back by someone else powering over you, dictating what you do and maybe even when you do it.   

AND it’s the same with any story, we can use our wisdom, our crone or elder wisdom to shine and not wither.     We can stand up, protect our power and make sure we are headed in the direction we want to be going. 

Our best years have yet to come, there is no one that can convenience us of anything else unless we let them.   

If you would like to study with Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D you can follow this link to join her on an 8 week course.   She is a fantastic teacher and I would highly recommend her work.  


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Until next time my friends ... keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Health, Wellness and Lifestyle Blogger, Founder Global Emotional Health Summit, Soul Care Practitioner, Energy Therapist, Author, and Mum.