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Positive Living Network Galway 1st Birthday Party

We are told that we are the sum of the 5 people we surround ourselves with.   

The reason why Jenny Grainger started the Positive Living Network is a story a lot of us will resonate with.   

Oftentimes when we start following our passion and leave the more mainstream "what people consider normal" type of life our friends and family may not understand us.  It may be that we start to question our life and seek answers to things we never looked at before.   It is at these times we seek to find our tribe and surround ourselves with others that just "get us"!!

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Tools to Help our Emotional Wellbeing

I have been working as an Energy, EFT & Emotional Intelligence Therapist for many years now.   I see a pattern for people, including myself, how our core emotional wounds get triggered by similar types of situations.  For example, we may have issues with our personal power.  We will find though that, the story doesn't have to be the same story that comes up each time, it is really ANY time our power is challenged or at least we perceive it as being challenged. 

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10 science-backed up ways to be happier right now

Whether you think of happiness as a state of mind or something fleeting, we all have times when we feel down and might need a small push in order to get to our happy place again, without resorting to binging, addiction, spending money, or overeating.

In fact, according to Science Daily, encouraging your own positive emotions can put you in a happy state, and increase your overall life satisfaction.

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"Getting older is inevitable, aging is optional"

“Getting older is inevitable, aging is optional”.   I love this quote by Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D., a visionary pioneer in women’s health. 

Like everything in life, we can choose what mindset we want to adopt in relation to getting older! 

Society bombards us with anti aging this and anti-aging that, and stories of pain, aches, wrinkles and endings.   But we can choose instead to see aging as a new beginning.  Merely a new stage of our life, an initiation into our wisdom years.   Not that long ago elders were respected for their wisdom rather than disregarded and put out to pasture and, out of sight at times.

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4 Tips for Surviving if you are an Empathic Person

I recently did a Clifton Strength Finder and, not surprisingly for myself empathic was one of my strengths. 

Now this really bugged me in some ways!!  Being empathic is something I had come to consider a weakness rather than a strength as I wasn't handling it very well!!!! 

When we are empathic by nature, we are empathic.   It is not, in my opinion and from my own experience something you can switch on and off.  Rather it is something to learn to work with. 

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Maintaining Sanity/Emotional Balance in the Workplace

When it comes to maintaining emotional balance in our work place we are dealing with two different levels; external factors and internal factors.

Some aspects of our actual work environment may be stressful for us, maybe there is not enough light in the room we work in, possibly there is no air and we find it stuffy or maybe the air conditioning unit is straight over our head. 

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Getting Clear On the Core Drivers of Your Business

Yea, yea I know I talk about emotional stuff, like ALL the time but whether we like it or not, we are emotional beings and our emotions are motivating everything we do. 

In business fear is one of the biggest emotions that keeps us where we are, even if we want to be somewhere else.  Good Lordy me, I know all about that fear.    

But and I say it again, we do have choices when it comes to our emotions; we always have choices and yes, if we stay where we are but want to be somewhere else then that is a choice we are making. 

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"We have to do this thing called living"

We have to do this thing called living* - why a f€&@ off attitude is essential to achieving your goals

Did you know that October 1 st is UN international day of older persons ? Quite a mouthful don't you think?  And at what age are you considered an older person? My 17 year old might think that at 54 I'm ancient while my parents who are in their 80's think I'm still only a young one.

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Having Compassion for Ourselves Can Set Us Free

We are often told we cannot love others unless we first start to love ourselves.

The same can be said for having compassion.   What is compassion for ourselves?    It is opening to looking at a story in our life with new eyes if, for a long time we have condemned our real feelings and emotions around a story.    

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Emotional Tiredness ... Is there such a thing?

The idea around being emotionally tired came to me while chatting to some friends recently.    I believe it's possible to feel this way and that it is OK to feel this way!

We know from Antonia Damasio that emotions are "action requiring neurological problems" so their job is to let us know something important.

So there are two ways to look at this, in my humble opinion.  

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Becoming Grounded with our Emotions

Enjoy this pod cast on how to become grounded with our emotions.

Our first and second chakras, our own personal energy centres, are very inter-related to each other.   When we can learn to be just be with our stories and related emotions and to not let them consume us, we are better able to step into our personal power in all aspects of our life.  

We are more in control.  When stories come up for us in the future, which they will, we will have more of an ability to take the story for what it is and deal with it in a more emotionally mindful way that will give us a better result.

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Once Upon a Time ........ My Life Book for 2017


My dream of organising the Global Emotional Health Summit and interviewing the speakers has left me immersed in positivity and surrounded by inspirational people at a very pivotal time of the year!  

When we surround ourselves with positive rather negative energies our whole being gets uplifted.   Nothing seems impossible and dreams are certainly attainable. 

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5 Ways to Support Yourself in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Emotional abuse is, in my opinion, an overlooked problem that many people suffer with in silence.   There is of course no blame in this as oftentimes emotional abuse is done in such subtle ways that the victim cannot find the words to describe it.   There are no visible scars to show, just those of a deep emotional kind.  

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What advice would you give to your 21 year old self?

My father is celebrating his 94th birthday today and while I was making the trip to town to see him I thought about asking him "What advice would you give to your 21 year old self?"   

His advice was to enjoy life as much as you can and to do the things that make you happy because, there will come a day when you can't do those things any longer.  

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