3 Tips on Being an Authentic Influencer

I still wince when I am introduced as an influencer, its not a label or a title I give myself but its obviously a part of what I do because when we broadcast on social media and through other channels we are influencing others! 

Three quick tips to being an authentic influencer. 

*  Be clear on your story.  Your content comes from your story and this is influenced by your core beliefs.

* Be clear on who you want to hear your story.   When we know who we want to hear our story or who we want to influence we begin to attract our tribe or our ideal clients and customers.  You may have a story to share or a product to sell be clear on this 

*  Be clear on your messaging.   This goes back to tip number 1, when you know your story you know what message you want to share. 

This then spirals back to tip number 2, when you are clear on your message you will attract your tribe!

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