Top Tips for Cleaning Your House!

Guest blog post by Helen O'Keeffe.

Helen works on content for home interiors store EZ Living Interiors. They operate stores all
over Ireland and have two stores in Northern Ireland offering a wide selection of high-quality interior and furniture products.

Even though cleaning is most certainly a chore, it can feel therapeutic once you have completed a specific task. Cleaning is something that is an ongoing task; it won't ever be fully complete; you will have to revisit it constantly which of course can be frustrating. There are also cleaning tasks that can be seasonal.

You might annually do a spring clean of the home which could take you room by room. You
might also tackle your outside windows every few months in order to have them glistening. It all adds up and takes a significant chunk of our time! That's why it's important to try to break down these cleaning tasks.

You won't get them all done in one swoop. Make a list of what you want to achieve and work
through each line one by one. That might mean just one task a day but so be it if that's all the time you can spare.

We all lead busy lives and cleaning is a fact of life but your approach to dealing with it is the
key to getting through that pile of dust!

The infographic below details some specific cleaning tips which are broken down room by room. You will find guidance on how to get your living room, your kitchen, your bedroom, bathroom and so on gleaming once again!

There are also some nifty 15 minute top tips which might be useful; check out the full graphic below.