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Great Talks at Psychology Matters Day 2017 #psychologymattersday

Today, Saturday the 13th of May 2017 I attended Psychology Day at NUI Galway to celebrate #psychologymattersday.  There were a number of speakers, speaking on diverse topics from mindfulness to the shadow man!

First up we had a wonderfully insightful talk on mindfulness by Chris Noone.   I nodded in agreement several times with what Chris was saying.  

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4 Tips for Surviving if you are an Empathic Person

I recently did a Clifton Strength Finder and, not surprisingly for myself empathic was one of my strengths. 

Now this really bugged me in some ways!!  Being empathic is something I had come to consider a weakness rather than a strength as I wasn't handling it very well!!!! 

When we are empathic by nature, we are empathic.   It is not, in my opinion and from my own experience something you can switch on and off.  Rather it is something to learn to work with. 

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Getting Clear On the Core Drivers of Your Business

Yea, yea I know I talk about emotional stuff, like ALL the time but whether we like it or not, we are emotional beings and our emotions are motivating everything we do. 

In business fear is one of the biggest emotions that keeps us where we are, even if we want to be somewhere else.  Good Lordy me, I know all about that fear.    

But and I say it again, we do have choices when it comes to our emotions; we always have choices and yes, if we stay where we are but want to be somewhere else then that is a choice we are making. 

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Being Authentic On Line

The word authentic is used so much these days in relation to being who we truly want to be.   If we are working in the digital space our digital foot print reveals our authenicity.  We often know whether or not we resonate with a person when we meet them in the more traditional off line networking sceanario.  We may like the vocabulary they use and know that we could do business with them.

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