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Launch of Freshly Chopped Ireland at Eyre Square Shopping Centre

The launch of Freshly Chopped Ireland at Galway Shopping Centre was a dazzling display of all things health and wellness.  In an age where people are demanding more nutritious fast food Chopped Ireland have certainly come up trumps to provide customers with just that - healthy fast food on the go.

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"Eat clean. Feel great". Bliss Bites Bakery

"Our mission is to reinvent the way you eat desserts, and turn it from a guilty pleasure into a healthy treat". 

I had the pleasure of trying some of these delicious treats at the Vegan Xmas Food Stall in Galway recently.    I love my guilty pleasure after my dinner each day and, I don't want to eat a substitute that doesn't give me the same satisfaction!   I am always on a mission to eat cleaner while at the same time eating tasty food!  

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